Relaxation Hour with Natal Hypnotherapy(TM)


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The central feature of the Relaxation Hour is a lovely long soothing relaxation, or hypnosis for pregnancy session. Each week provides a different focus. All sessions designed to increase your belief and confidence in your ability to grow and birth your baby. Breathing for labour naturally included.
Sessions include time to ask questions about anything birth or baby-related or to share how you are feeling. We may also have time to practise some breathing or positions for labour if you wish.

Just for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. Fills the long gap between early pregnancy antenatal appointments, helps out towards the end when you're tired, maybe a bit anxious, and you just want to chill out and is brilliant in the middle too!

Natal Hypnotherapy(TM) was developed in the UK by Maggie Howell and has helped 100 000 women have better births.

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Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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