Paint a pot party


Your baby or child's hand or footprints can be printed on to all sorts of pieces, the favourites being mugs, plates and picture frames.There is no charge for us to attend your group.

I can run sessions from our house or come to your home, so if it's just a few pieces you need or a group of you want to get together contact us to arrange a suitable

We also do clay imprints which are wonderful keepsakes of hand/footprints. These are very popular! Catch the little ones while they're small only £12 for singles £20 for doubles (or 2 singles for £20!)

We also do children paint a pot party's a child's party normally consists of such things as fairies, dinosaurs, teddies, cats, dogs, dolphins, mugs, plates and bowls and more.
However I am very flexible and it is possible to have for example, all plates.

Please visit our website for all prices

We look forward to meeting you soon

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