Gita Azizi Aesthetic Dental Surgeon


Dr Gita Azizi is an Aesthetic Dental Surgeon, and the co-owner of East End Lodge Dental Practice.

Gita graduated from Bergen University in Norway in 1999 and has been working in family practices in England ever since. During that time she has fulfilled several postgraduate courses in fields such as Smile Design, Sleeping Disorder, Acupuncture, Hypnosis, oral and IV Sedation, Periodontology and much more to ensure providing the best care for her patients.

Gita has an Implantology certificate from the Cavendish House in Cambridge. Also while working full time at East End Lodge, she completed her Masters Degree in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (with distinction) at the University of Manchester.

She strives to provide high quality implant and cosmetic dental treatments as well as general dental care to improve her patients' smile and well-being.

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