Tattybogle - Theatre show for kids


Fluid Motion Theatre Company present 'Tattybogle' an interactive performance experience for children aged 4-7.

'Tattybogle is a scarecrow with a head of straw and cheerful thoughts. One day the wind blows too hard and all thats left is an old stick. But that is only the start of a glorious new life for Tattybogle...'

The story takes Tattybogle through all four seasons and participants hear, smell and feel what its like for this happy and friendly scarecrow to be out in the summer sun and cold winter snow.

Tattybogle is a travelling theatre show that can be performed in any location, indoor or outdoor. Usually our sessions run for 2 hours which includes the performance (with audience participation) and then an hour and half of drama and party games around the theme of the show or your own choice.

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