Counselling for Mums


Motherhood is wonderful! It's also hard.
It changes everything: Relationships with partners, friends and family, our bodies, our roles in life and identities as women.
It can be lonely, frustrating and exhausting. Often we care for everyone but ourselves.
Do you feel depressed, anxious, isolated?
Are you struggling with not feeling good enough or having relationship problems?
Do you feel you have lost yourself?
Counselling can help. I offer a confidential, supportive space where you can share your feelings without fear of judgement. I can't give you answers but am experienced in supporting you while you explore what's right for you. Giving yourself time will improve your well-being, enabling you to have more rewarding relationships, be the best mum you can be, lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. Please get in touch with questions and to book a FREE first half hour session.

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