Airer was bought 4 years ago and used twice whilst we waited for our new house move. Not been used since but in full working order and in as new condition.
Costs less than 5p an hour to run.
Lightweight and easy to move.
3 tiers and folding shelves.
Can open just half for smaller loads.
Flat drying for delicates and woollens.
Great for duvets and towels.
21m (69') of drying space.
Holds up to 15kg of wet washing.
Costing only pennies per hour, drying on our heated airer is cheaper than expensive tumble drying and better than muffling the heat from your radiators by laying clothes over them. Extremely versatile, just position the folding shelves to suit your needs: fold out to hang T-shirts, socks and smalls, lay delicate items flat to avoid stretching, or open only the top tier to hang sheets and big towels without them touching the floor.

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