Aqua natal yoga


Aquanatal Yoga is a natural and all-encompassing way to promote and sustain fitness and health. It offers a gentle and easily available way to enjoy movement and breathing using the supportive element of water.
Aquanatal Yoga combines slow stretching with use of breathing and relaxation as the water provides resistance for the muscles to work against. Bodies feel virtually weightless in water, so that stretches that might not be possible on the ground can be achieved without strain.
Benefits of Aquanatal Yoga
• Expansion of breath
• Open pelvis in preparation of birth
• Strengthen abdominal muscles
• Stretch and alignment of spine
• Gain control of the pelvic floor
• Deep relaxation helps to sooth away muscle tension experienced from daily weight bearing
Classes can begin in the early stages of pregnancy (from 14 weeks) and continue through to full term.

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