Babysitting - Odd Hours


I am 28 years, single mother of lovely Lola (5).
I work as a part-time PA at the Royal Academy of Dance,
which is an Ballet insitution.

We live in a lovely terrace house between Finsbury Park and Clissold Park.
I am bilingual with Spanish and we have two pet guinea pigs called Silvia and Patch.

We have a happy and creative home where any child is welcome to come and play.
We love arts and crafts, books, picnics, role play/ imagination games/ homework/ dancing
And more...

Services Offered.
Week Evening Babysitting AT MY HOUSE.
Wed - Friday.
From 5.30 onwards.
£9 per hour.

Friday Overnight Babysitting @ MY House
from 5.30 onwards
Flat rate £55 includes dinner, breakfast and snacks.

Sunday Babysitting @ YOUR House
Without Lola
All day
£10 per hour.

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