Niddle Noddle

Crouch End

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 9.15am-6pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 11am-5pm.

Niddle Noddle is a children's boutique offering unique and exclusive fashion, accessories, books, toys and home ware for children (and their parents!).
We aim to bring you new labels, many of which will be exclusive to Niddle Noddle.
We are working hard to find pieces for our collection, which we feel make us unique.
The majority of our clothes and accessories are sourced from smaller labels that haven't yet reached the broader market.
We have carefully selected each item because we think they are very special.
Many of our items are handmade and therefore one-offs. We don't believe in mass production and have chosen to stock only a few of each item, which adds to their exclusivity. We have been very careful to select timeless designs.

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