Squirrel Party

Borough wide

It's always tricky to think of something different and exciting for children's parties, most activities have already been done by other Mum's and Dad's. So why not try Recreational Tree Climbing? It's a fun, safe activity that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

We can also include the zip-wire ride (a high wire ride from the top of a tree to the ground) and the leap of faith (jump from the top of a tree and swing between the trees).

Families can come along and watch, or can join in if they prefer. Bring your own picnic and watch the kids whilst they climb.

Tree climbing – fun and safe

All of our kids birthday parties are constantly supervised by our Instructors. Each child will have an Instructor constantly teaching and advising them of the best route to take. They will be fitted with a harness, helmet, gloves and glasses if necessary.

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