Queens Wood themed parties

Muswell Hill

We have had Fairy Parties, Pirate Parties, Peter Pan, Super Hero, Dinosaur, Jungle, Sticky Tape Monster, Murder Mystery and Victorian Melodrama parties, to name but a few.
A skilled entertainer leads the children in games, music and other jollities and involves them in an imaginative and exciting STORY based on the theme. There will then be a TREASURE HUNT or QUEST TO SAVE THE WORLD - an adventure in the magical and mysterious Queens Wood. The birthday child is guaranteed a significant role.
Having found the lost treasure or saved the world, the children then have a feast, of pizza, carrots and cucumber slices, crisps, popcorn, fairy cakes, fruit and fruit juices. If it's sunny, this can be a picnic. Other options, such as pasta, can be provided. If you have special food requirements, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

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