I offer wonderful Ballet parties for your children &amp; their friends to enjoy! This may be a birthday, a celebration or simply a great way to get together for some fun over the holidays.<br />Bringing the live essence of a real ballerina to your party, adorned in professional ballet attire &amp; a sparkling personality, Miss Samantha will enthuse &amp; entertain your children with ballet dancing activities to dance their hearts out to and even dance for them(en Pointe)!<br />The parties are enriched by theme &amp; imagination, props for all the children, specially selected music, &amp; a gift for the birthday girl/boy!<br />Various packages available(ages 2+)<br />I can commute to any part of London; you may like the party in a local hall or in your own home.<br />After school parties and weekends all an option; all year round! <br />I love to inspire everyone &amp; am wonderful with children!<br />Please contact me for more details &amp; a quote.

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