Dunn's bakery

Crouch End

Dunn's is a owned by Christopher Freeman and his wife Christina. Christopher is a fifth generation baker.

Our selected array of tempting delicacies are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers and produced to Dunn's own traditional recipes. Christopher Freeman is passionate about quality and that starts with finding the best possible ingredients. Long before local sourcing of ingredients became trendy Christopher used local suppliers as much as possible. We get our delicious smoked salmon from Purkis fish shop in Crouch End, all our fresh meat for our savouries from Morleys Butchers and fruit, vegetables and salad from Broadway Fruiterers. Crouchenders will know what a special place Crouch End is and the independent food shops support eachother not just because it supports the Crouch End economy but because the quality of the food available!

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