ELC Mothecare wooden art easel centre pink wi

Wood Green

Very sturdy double-sided pink wooden easel with wipe-clean chalkboard and whiteboard, and handy tray for materials. My two girls loved it and used it a lot in a last 4 years. It is in a good condition considering. Has a few little scratches and stains, but as you can see on the pictures-nothing in you face :)
The Roll of paper comes with it :)
Your child can use the chalkboard to scribble and draw pictures, then wipe them away easily and start again. Using special whiteboard pens, your child can draw on the whiteboard, or use with paper for painting and drawing. The whiteboard can also be used with magnetic letters to help with reading and spelling. With a storage tray to hold all your materials, paper roll for lots of fun art and three magnets to hold down your child's masterpieces while they work.