The Cabin

Muswell Hill

A beautifully unique location, five minutes from Highgate Station, available for parties, meetings, conference, Yoga/Pilates classes and kids workshops.

Our brand new zero-waste wooden cabin is set in the organic community garden of Queen's Wood. The Cabin was hand-built over two years using sustainable materials and where possible sourced locally.

The cabin is south facing and fitted with solar panels, creating sustainable electricity for the café. The walls have been well insulated using 95% sheep's wool, making the cabin self-heating. All lighting fittings are reclaimed and set with energy efficient bulbs. There are two catchment containers fitted to collect rainwater from the roof, which is then used in the garden.
All day booking: £150
Hourly booking: £25
Also available for evening hire and discounts offered for regular hire.
Please note we allow 15 minutes for set up and clear out.

The floor space is roughly thirty-five square meters.
Maximum capacity is 20 people or up to 8 for yoga classes.
A projector, flipchart and extra heaters are available upon request.
All food and drink must be arranged through Queen's Wood Café.

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