Postnatal Support and Services in Haringey

Association for Post Natal Illness Borough wide
1-Jan-13 to 31-Dec-15

The function of the Association is to provide: Support, Education and Information. Postnatally depressed women may feel unable to go out of their house, and meeting people may...

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Parent-Infant Observation Your own home! Borough wide
5-Sep-13 to 5-Sep-15
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Are you expecting a baby between October and December 2013? University College London / The Anna Freud Centre MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology Would you be prepared...

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NCT Early Days Postnatal course Crouch End Crouch End
18-Sep-13 to 18-Sep-15
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This is a standard NCT Early Days Postnatal course covering topics such as sleeping, feeding, relationships, and returning to work. Led by an NCT trained Postnatal Leader, these...

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Pre and Post Natal Training Zest Personal Training Crouch End
10-Oct-13 to 10-Oct-15

One-to-one sessions, or group classes in Priory Park and Rokesly Children's Centre. Do you want to feel stronger, fitter and healthier? My name is Viktoria Blantz. I am a fully...

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Weaning workshop Central N8 Borough wide
8-May-14 to 8-May-16

Regular weaning sessions in my comfortable Crouch End home. Other days also available - why not get a group together? Together we work through when to start weaning your baby,...

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Lactation consultant Home support Borough wide
9-Jul-14 to 9-Jul-16

I'm a certified lactation consultant who offers a breastfeeding support service to families in their homes (and via email, text and phone). I am trained to help you solve a wide...

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North London Sling Library Flat 41 Eclipse House Borough wide
5-Aug-14 to 5-Aug-16
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Ever wondered if there is an easier way to carry your baby? Already use a sling but interested in what other types are out there? Find your current carrier uncomfortable? Well we...

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Twinsclub Borough wide
19-Aug-14 to 19-Aug-16

We cover a large area of NW london (from Hampstead to Kensal) and have over 60 families in the group right now. Clubs include: the Central London Twins Club, North West London...

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Baby Massage Classes Borough wide
26-Aug-14 to 26-Aug-16

Bond with baby through gentle massage strokes. Benefits include; Promotes sleep, relaxes parent/carer Can ease discomfort caused by teething, colic and constipation Strengthens...

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Baby Reflexology Classes at your home Harringay
31-Oct-14 to 31-Oct-16

I will deliver three sessions of baby reflexology over three weeks (each session lasts about one hour) in the comfort of your home. During these sessions I will show you how to...

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Highgate & Crouch End Twins Club Borough wide
1-Dec-14 to 1-Dec-16

Welcome to the Highgate & Crouch End Twins Club Our club is a network of parents of twins and triplets who offer each other support and advice. For a small annual fee, you can...

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Nappuccino Nappy Talks Hornsey Vale Community Centre Crouch End
8-Dec-14 to 8-Dec-16

Come along to one of our Nappuccinos and find out how to use, choose and wash your cloth nappies. The 3 main nappy systems are fully explained with nappies available for you to...

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TAMBA Borough wide
6-Jan-15 to 6-Jan-17

The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) is a charity set up by parents of twins, triplets and higher multiples and interested professionals in 1978. It is the only UK...

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Nurturing Mums postnatal courses Borough wide
9-Jul-15 to 9-Jul-20

Popular 5 week postnatal course in North London for mums with babies up to 9 months. Meet new mums and get on-tap advice from expert on sleep/routines, weaning, first aid and baby...

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Baby & Mum Pilates South Harringay Junior School Harringay
7-Sep-15 to 19-Oct-15

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for new mum's. Join our classes to: • meet other local new mums; • strengthen your pelvic floor; and • strengthen and tone your abdominal...

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