Baby Reflexology Classes


I will deliver three sessions of baby reflexology over three weeks (each session lasts about one hour) in the comfort of your home. During these sessions I will show you how to practice simple reflexology on your baby. I am more than happy to discuss feeding, digesting, sleeping and general well-being issues.
Baby reflexology one to one- three sessions over three weeks - £120 (payable on the first visit) - you are more than welcome to invite another mum with a baby and share the fee (twins will not be charged double)
Baby reflexology group sessions - Three sessions over three weeks- £180 (payable on the first visit)- organize group of 3 to 6 mums with babies and share the fee (the sessions may be delivered in different homes
Once you complete the three sessions you will be able to practice simple reflexology to help your babies with any discomfort they may experience.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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