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If you need extra room quickly in your home, want to reduce clutter, need somewhere to place things during a move etc, can being highly beneficial, so if you would like to obtain Harringay home storage facilities, call us today. We are a top domestic storage firm who can supply a unit for all of your needs. Our self storage units are spacious and secure, they come in a variety of sizes and you can contain additional extras such as ramps and lighting for them. They can be visited at any time at our depot, so you will never be without your goods but always have the space you require in your home.

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  • ErikKelly

    29-Jul-2016 Report

    I was so pleased with the storage I hired for my parents when they were moving abroad. I used Storage Haringey and they did a great job of helping arrange the perfect storage unit. We were impressed with the security of the depot. The workers were helpful and vigilant. The units came in different sizes and you could choose them at varying security levels. Some had climate control if you needed to store delicate items. The range of storage solutions was impressive and we have been totally satisfied with the self storage we hired.

  • AlexAllen

    26-Aug-2015 Report

    I found Storage Haringey to be a very well organised and friendly company. Their sales team was always available for advice and guidance. I would highly recommend this company for their customer service and friendly staff.

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