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Haringey Removals Ltd

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Removals can be a simple process if you have the right help so you should contact us today. Our removal company in Haringey can be at your beck and call, to ensure a swift and successful removal. We at Haringey Removals Ltd can deploy a team of experienced professionals to your home who can pack goods, carry and lift large objects and transport your goods to your new address. Simply dial 02037437350 or visit our website at www.haringeyremovals.org.uk for more information and a free quote.

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  • DarnelSmither

    14-May-2016 Report

    Haringey Removals Ltd and their packing teams took care of the worst part of moving house for me! They carefully collected, secured and packed all of my belongings ready for my move, ensuring that everything was safe and sound and clearly labelled for the unboxing! I can't believe I got such a great service for such a cheap price!

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