Poolside Manor

North London

Poolside Manor Pool Parties are famous all over for the lasting enjoyment they bring.

They are suitable for children of all ages (aged 5 and above). Friends and siblings who are aged under five are welcome in the water, provided there is a designated adult prepared to accompany each of them in the water if deemed necessary by the party lifeguards upon being swim tested at the beginning. Any adults required in the water are included in the number of swimmers.

All children are swim-tested to decide who needs to wear armbands (supplied by Poolside Manor) and those that wish to swim at the deep-end are then tested again.


Parties are often booked to celebrate a child's birthday, although any celebration is in order!

Parties take place on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, each lasting 2 hours. There are three- 2 hour slots on each day such is the demand we face.

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