Can you help? - Toy donations needed!

Crouch End

Can you help a Trainee Counsellor?

Collecting Specific Toys for a counseling with children.


1. Playmobil family dolls: different sizes/genders (including culturally diverse options.
2. Cow, bull, calves/sheep, ewe,lambs/pig family (Britains or similar)
3. Wild animals, tiger/lion/crocodile/gorilla (Britains or similar)
4. 8 intersecting fences (Britains or similar)
5. Small ambulance & police car motor vehicles
6. 3 small tubs of play dough
7. Pencil case containing small coloring pencils, sharpener, sellotape, string,
8. plastic spoons, knife, fork

Other non-essential but very helpful:

1. A box of plain coloured bricks of different shapes (e.g. Early Learning Centre)
2. Tea-set
3. Paints
4. Safe small rubber ball

I greatly appreciate any help you are able to offer and thank you very warmly in advance!