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Harrow Cleaners


The constant level of high quality results, moderate pricing and friendly and sensible customer service are all good ways to earn their trust. A company has to keep up the good work so to speak because a single slip is sometimes enough to tip the scales the other way and cause customers to look for cleaning services elsewhere, which is unacceptable in this highly competitive industry where every customer is valuable and should not be lost to chance. One sure way to keep customers happy and asking for more is to provide a good mix of quality and price.

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  • ReneeBlackman

    08-Oct-2014 Report

    Great service. I've used Harrow cleaners twice and both times they were timely, professional and did what they said they were going to do. You can't ask for more than that.

  • VictorGray3

    17-Sep-2014 Report

    It is easy if I need to change the date or time for cleaning. All of the personnel are friendly, work hard, are trustworthy and care about the job they do. I highly recommend this company.

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