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When it comes to finding the very best way in which you can enjoy a cleaner home, find out how much Cleaners Edgware can do to help. As masters of House Cleaning Edgware, we got that extra mile in order to ensure that you get the very best service each and every time. With our help, not only can you enjoy a cleaner home, but you can save money while doing so. No matter what you need help with when it comes to domestic cleaning, find out how much we can do to provide what you have been looking for by calling today.

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  • SonyaCox

    09-Sep-2016 Report

    The cleaners at Cleaners Edgware pay close attention to detail. They always clean my office really well.Hire them because you will not find a better quality clean than what you receive from these guys! I couldn't be more ecstatic with the results I get every time I hire these guys for a clean. They are true professionals in every aspect!

  • AlanSmithhh

    15-Jul-2015 Report

    The cleaners that I had the pleasure of meeting when I hired a cleaning service from Cleaners Edgware were utterly brilliant. They arrived at my house bang on time with all the correct cleaning materials and equipment and after a quick exchange of pleasantries, they got started right away. Judging by the way they got to work, they were well aware of what needed doing so I was happy to keep my distance and let them get on with their work. The results were so fantastic, that I booked them again.

  • MelindaJordan

    20-May-2015 Report

    Cleaners Edgware cleaned all of my rugs, runner and mats after moving home. I didn't bother until we were settled into our new place and then called for an appointment. The cleaning assistants did a super job and they now look brilliant. The cost of the bills was good and saved us the expense of buying new ones!

  • GwenSilva678

    01-Dec-2014 Report

    I take care of my husband; he has a heart condition and cannot do much anymore so I look after him. The trouble is as much as l love to take care of him my home has started to feel a little neglected, my husband used to help out with the cleaning at home, he used to do the windows regularly and all DIY jobs but he cannot do it anymore and trying to juggle everything alone is difficult. Hiring Cleaners Edgware has worked out perfectly for me, they help to relieve my stress by taking on some of the jobs that I cannot manage, thank you.

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