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Award winning tuition!<br />Head teachers, teachers and even maths tutors have sent their own children to us to learn maths. Our unique multi-faceted approach delivers students who are confident at maths, enjoy the subject and get great results:<br /><br />For 6 years running, 100% of our students* have scored A*/A grades. A feat that is truly astounding, given that Math'scool does not select students on the basis of ability<br /><br />Classes are held on the weekends so are suitable as complementary courses for students already studying maths at school<br /><br />Since each course covers the entire syllabus; at GCSE or iGCSE (higher level), A Level or Further Maths, our courses are suitable for students wishing to move ahead of their schoolwork<br /><br />Dr Deepak Shah &amp; Mrs Menna Haria each have over 20 years teaching experience and had established Math'scool in 1999.<br /><br />Tuition is from &pound;340 per term (around &pound;35 per 2.5 hr lesson)

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