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  • CakeStories

    11-Jul-2015 Report

    Introducing Betsy Buttercream!! Why not have a Cake Stories Cupcake Party featuring Betsy Buttercream!

    Suitable for children aged 4 and above, Betsy will deliver lots of cupcake fun with yummy results!
    Each child decorates their own quality chef's white apron, chef's hat and 4 freshly made vanilla sponge cupcakes straight from the Cake Stories kitchen. They will choose the colours for their buttercream icing and their fondant decorations. Lots of stirring, rolling, cutting and piping!! They will make their own cupcake decorations and pipe their icing onto their cupcakes.
    No need for Party bags.At the end of the session, each child will receive a big bag full of their accomplishments! Their 4 decorated cupcakes presented in a professional box, their apron, chef's hat and a special certificate.

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