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Group meet-ups in St Albans are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer SouthEmily.

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  • Hi! I am moving to St Albans (on Friday!) from South East London. My 2 children are 5 and nearly 3. I would love to meet some people locally! Either in the day with child/ren or evenings.

  • SouthEmily 29-Aug-2014 21:28 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all I have put a date in the diary for Thursday 11th September at the Abbey café in the morning for a coffee and chat - hopefully the kids will have settled into school/creche by then! I know I would be interested to look at the Birchbox goodies!! Please let us know if you are able to come particularly if you are a new member so that we can find each other!!!

    All the best, Emily

  • davidson96 28-Aug-2014 09:59 Add message | Message poster

    Hi All,

    If we were to organise a coffee morning at the Nuffield gym cafe in St. Albans; with the opportunity to workout before or after (with hopefully a discount at creche and coffee) would any of you be interested? I am going to send a note to my contact there to see if we can arrange a meeting in their cafe area. They've got a great creche, too. Let me know what you think.


  • davidson96 26-Aug-2014 16:58 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all,

    I'm the editor for Mumsnet Herts and would love to organise a St. Albans meet-up in September. The main reason is to get together, obviously, but I also am working with a company called Birchbox. Have any of you heard of them? They are willing to offer 10 free boxes if I can collate some feedback from you all. I think they're a fun company (if you like beauty/lifestyle products!) can check them out here: Let me know if any of you are interested and when we can meet in September! Thanks, Erin

  • IriaMak 23-Aug-2014 02:54 Add message | Message poster

    Hello ladies! I have recently moved to St. Albans with my family.

    I am 34 and I have a boy 8 months old. I would be glad to meet mums with babies of similar age. I used to live & work in London but now with the baby I have plenty of time for meet ups and happy activities.

    Cheers Iro

  • Mrsmummy27 01-Aug-2014 20:43 Add message | Message poster

    Hi guys I'm new to the St. Albans area and my son and I are looking to meet other mums with children around the same age (18 months)

    Gemma x

  • Wickedgirl 01-Aug-2014 12:15 Add message | Message poster

    I am a St. Albans mum with four children. (15, 13, 10 and a baby of 9 months)

    It would be great to meet up with mums with babies as my youngest doesn't have many friends yet.

  • SouthEmily 31-Jul-2014 14:35 Add message | Message poster

    Hi davidson96 I would be happy to - what did you have in mind?

  • davidson96 31-Jul-2014 10:28 Add message | Message poster

    Anyone want to schedule a Summer St. Albans meet-up? Seems like there is some interest.

  • Hi

    I have been living in St Albans for the past two years and recently moved to Hemel but still have kids going to schools in St Albans so am there every day! Would love to meet other mums with similar aged kids or (14 and 9) or just meet without kids for socials/meals out etc. Cheers!

  • SouthEmily 27-Jun-2014 19:27 Add message | Message poster

    Please RSVP to me SouthEmily if you are able to come next Friday!

  • SouthEmily 27-Jun-2014 19:16 Add message | Message poster

    Welcome to the group jimenagorraez. I have added a meet up for next Friday night and hope some of you are able to make it!!


  • Hi! Moved to St Albans in late November and I now have a 7 week old baby girl, Paloma. I would like to meet other mums with babies that age. if there are any meetings coming up soon I'd love to come along. Cheers!