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Group meet-ups in St Albans are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer SouthEmily.

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  • Hi! I am moving to St Albans (on Friday!) from South East London. My 2 children are 5 and nearly 3. I would love to meet some people locally! Either in the day with child/ren or evenings.

  • SouthEmily 29-Aug-2014 21:28 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all I have put a date in the diary for Thursday 11th September at the Abbey café in the morning for a coffee and chat - hopefully the kids will have settled into school/creche by then! I know I would be interested to look at the Birchbox goodies!! Please let us know if you are able to come particularly if you are a new member so that we can find each other!!!

    All the best, Emily

  • davidson96 28-Aug-2014 09:59 Add message | Message poster

    Hi All,

    If we were to organise a coffee morning at the Nuffield gym cafe in St. Albans; with the opportunity to workout before or after (with hopefully a discount at creche and coffee) would any of you be interested? I am going to send a note to my contact there to see if we can arrange a meeting in their cafe area. They've got a great creche, too. Let me know what you think.


  • davidson96 26-Aug-2014 16:58 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all,

    I'm the editor for Mumsnet Herts and would love to organise a St. Albans meet-up in September. The main reason is to get together, obviously, but I also am working with a company called Birchbox. Have any of you heard of them? They are willing to offer 10 free boxes if I can collate some feedback from you all. I think they're a fun company (if you like beauty/lifestyle products!) can check them out here: Let me know if any of you are interested and when we can meet in September! Thanks, Erin

  • IriaMak 23-Aug-2014 02:54 Add message | Message poster

    Hello ladies! I have recently moved to St. Albans with my family.

    I am 34 and I have a boy 8 months old. I would be glad to meet mums with babies of similar age. I used to live & work in London but now with the baby I have plenty of time for meet ups and happy activities.

    Cheers Iro

  • Mrsmummy27 01-Aug-2014 20:43 Add message | Message poster

    Hi guys I'm new to the St. Albans area and my son and I are looking to meet other mums with children around the same age (18 months)

    Gemma x

  • Wickedgirl 01-Aug-2014 12:15 Add message | Message poster

    I am a St. Albans mum with four children. (15, 13, 10 and a baby of 9 months)

    It would be great to meet up with mums with babies as my youngest doesn't have many friends yet.

  • SouthEmily 31-Jul-2014 14:35 Add message | Message poster

    Hi davidson96 I would be happy to - what did you have in mind?

  • davidson96 31-Jul-2014 10:28 Add message | Message poster

    Anyone want to schedule a Summer St. Albans meet-up? Seems like there is some interest.