Lifestyle PA for busy people

Hemel Hempstead

Are you a busy person, perhaps running a business, large family, often away from home or simply disorganised? Could you do with an extra pair of hands occasionally?

As a local freelance PA, I also offer 'lifestyle services' to ensure your home continues to run effectively even without your presence.

This can involve running errands, completing chores, accepting deliveries, organising repairs or maintenance, basic household duties, shopping (& the putting away!), holiday services such as pet feeding & plant watering & food waiting for your return.

And not forgetting the admin side, organising paperwork, bills & payments, making arrangements for travel & accommodation, booking tickets for events, sourcing items you need, cost comparisons, making sure you have cards & presents ready for all those birthdays & events coming up.

Contact me if you think you'd like that extra pair of hands!

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