Shake Coaching


We've been empowering individuals, teams & businesses to be the best they can for over 20 years.

Shake's Coaching team offer a whole host of tailor-made scientifically-backed methods suited to your individual needs - if you think you need a coach, but aren't sure, then give us a call and we'll provide a straight answer. We never agree to taking on clients for whom a better solution exists elsewhere.

We're also specialists in Strategic Intervention, the method devised by Tony Robbins to assist with conflict resolution - in fact we were trained and certified in this by his team. This is useful in divorce prevention, or other home, relationship or workplace issues you may be facing.

Your first consultation is usually 45-60 minutes, and is always free - this is where we can discuss if what you need matches what we offer, and our fees are some of the best value you'll find anywhere.

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