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osteopaths and lactation consultants


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Antenatal and postnatal specialist osteopaths, physiotherapists and pilates for pregnancy and postnatal rehabilitation. Lactation consultancy for breastfeeding problems including mastitis, blocked ducts and sore nipples (ultrasound).

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  • Starsoph

    19-Apr-2015 Report

    Can't reccomend this place highly enough.

    I first went to see Sara at the perfect balance clinic after reading somewhere online that seeing a osteopath would help a baby's colic, at this point I was ready to try anything!

    I had seen our Dr about 6 times for every treatment going to try and help colic but nothing worked.
    After one session with Sarah she improved dramatically and we had our first night cry free!
    After 3 sessions she was a totally cured baby!

    Not only did sara help my baby but she also helped me with breastfeeding, something I had also been to the Dr about and the health visitor but it's something you end up just left to deal with yourself, a lot of the time people don't know as much as they make out about it.
    Sara spent the time with us to perfect nursing and help make me as comfortable as possible. And prevent any issues such as mastitis which I had previously had.

    I since have been back with back pain due to pregnancy and I have also sent everyone I know there.

    Couldn't ask for a better service!!

  • Sneddydays

    21-Mar-2015 Report

    I made an appointment with Sara, at perfect balance, as a last resort before giving up breastfeeding. I had struggled for 5 weeks, since the birth of my baby, with stinging, sore, burning and stabbing pain in my nipples, breasts and underarms. I was in agony but had persevered despite crying during many nursing sessions.

    I had previously seen 3 GP's, a lactation consultant and baby and I had a 10 day course of medication for thrush, which it was suspected was causing the pain, but nothing had helped. I was desperate.

    During the first appointment Sara was very keen to discuss all my symptoms, however random they seemed, and not only examined my baby and breasts but also took swabs to diagnose if we did have any fungal or bacterial infection. Sara was the first specialist that understood my needs as a nursing mother and my desire to breastfeed. Sara and I worked on the latch and I left the consultation feeling positive and hopeful after 5 weeks of misery.

    I was amazed after 3 days of using Sara's tips on the latch positioning that my pain and soreness subsided.
    Within a week my baby was gaining weight and my pain had almost disappeared. I was very surprised that we didn't have thrush and it was the latch was causing us issues. I now hope to continue breastfeeding for the next 12 months, at 5 weeks I didn't think I could get through 12 hours.

    Sara was kind, caring and attentive during the time I was under her care. Her knowledge and passion about breastfeeding makes her unique and a 'must go to' for anyone with breastfeeding problems. We cannot thank her enough.

  • meaddream

    20-Mar-2015 Report

    A truly five star service covering a range of health issues for mother and baby. I found this amazing clinic and haven't looked back since. The service is professional, personal and extremely knowledgable. Both my son and I have been treated at the clinic and it has made a real difference to us. I recommend this clinic with absolutely no hesitation.

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