Are you a frustrated writer? Do you need some direction and support? <br /><br />I provide mentoring for anyone who wants to write anything. I wrote and co-tutor a non-fiction distance course 'Pitch to Publication' for writers aiming to write a non-fiction book, but I also offer bespoke support for all kinds of writing including proof reading and editing.<br /><br />I'm a freelance journalist writing for the national broadsheets as well as an author of published 2 self help books. I am a fully qualified personal coach. Many years ago I also taught English in schools. <br /><br />Why not let me help you with your writing ambitions?<br />Give me a call or drop me an email and we can talk it over.<br />I work either by phone-email,or can see you in person in my Practice in central Hitchin ( see photo.)

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