Cycle lessons


You may have never been able to cycle, have not ridden for many years, have difficulties with certain manoeuvres or have decided that you would like to learn now, so that you can cycle with your partner or children. A one to one cycle lesson will give you the confidence, the skills so you can cycle safely.
Even experienced cyclists can benefit from a cycling lesson, I can help improve your cycling techniques for the more advance situations. Why not work your way through the three levels of the National Standards Bikeability Cycling Course.
Cycle lessons are available to anyone, irrespective of age, gender, social or professional status. From kids to grannies, teens to professionals , mums and dads, there's something for everyone.
Getting a better figure doesn't have to mean yo-yo diets, just 30 minutes of cycling burns over 300 calories, firming your thighs,bum and tum.

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