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Sapphire Gymnastics

Hemel Hempstead

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Sapphire Gymnastics is one of the largest gymnastics clubs in the country and we run classes for crawlers through to adults.
Due to overwhelming popularity, we are opening another site in Hemel in January. Please visit our website for more information.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • Lalalu

    08-Jun-2014 Report

    Unfortunately I have to review this club as it does not suitably provide young children with fun and inspirational sessions to become confident movers and aware of their body and space. As another user pointed out the gym equipment is all stucked around the gym and the space is not very taylored for little ones.

    Although worse of all are the members of staff. In the Hemel venue they chat amongst themselves, use their mobile phones, check texts messages throughout the sessions whilst children are struggling to balance unsupervised and they are completely detached from little ones (on the sessions unassisted by parents) they appear they are just there to clock in and out to get some money - no passion or commitment for the sport, class or children.

    They are so clueless that my child was ridiculed by one of the tactless coaches and was made to sit out a couple of rounds on the middle of the class (like a dunce!) a total lack of infant psychology acumen. I did report the matter to management and did not hear back (other than a cheque in the post). My son was so terrified that he said "mommy I cannot ever go back there, the coach has evil eyes!" He is only three years - old poor little boy - to have to be subject to such anger and inappropriate unfounded punishment to such young person.

    Also be aware that the car park is regulate by one of those private parking companies that are readily willing to erroneously fine you leading to a nightmare of calls letters and etc....

    I would not recommend this venue and so called teachers (unqualified gymnasts?) as it may damage your child's self-confidence.

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