modern & traditional upholstery & stitchery

St Albans

I am loving life as an upholstering mum!!<br />Fully qualified to upholster both traditional and modern pieces; especially enjoying more creative stitchery!! <br /><br />Whether it's replacing the sagged sofa cushions, re-covering an ebay buy, doing deep reconstruction on a favoured inherited piece, tailored protective seat covers for your Ferrari or a personalised something, I can help.<br /><br />I offer a full personal service with collection &amp; delivery FOC.<br />I will visit, discuss, measure up and provide an inclusive quote, taking pictures and communicating throughout the project.<br />Furthermore, I post pictures on my Facebook page regularly so you can keep in touch with progress.<br /><br />All work is carried out in my fully equiped 'Ladyshed' with doors flung wide and music blarring ;)<br /><br />I look forward to meeting you :)<br /><br /><br />!/Upholstaryn

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