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Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop Ruislip


Our shop is right at the heart of Ruislip's high street. Walk in through the doors and find a relaxed atmosphere, perfect to take time out to enjoy a lovely cup of speciality coffee (or a tea if that's what suits your mood, we're not precious) made just for you.

While drinking in the rich aromas of freshly ground coffee you'll be tempted by our range of beautiful homemade cakes, sandwiches and salads, all made from locally sourced produce.

And while you're waiting for a friend or just passing some time, feel free to pick up a book or use the free WiFi to do a bit of work or play.

Being at the heart of Ruislip, we're also a great spot to take a break after taking in the local attractions such as Manor farm, the Duck Pond, Farmer's Market, or Lido and Lido Railway.

Facilities include:
Baby Changing
A few outside seats

Twitter: @HandH_Ruislip
Facebook: HarrisAndHoole

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  • Mishmashmamma

    22-Nov-2012 Report

    Lovely, cosy atmosphere. Also had a naughty but nice, free pastry courtesy of Mumsnet! Friendly staff who give you a little device which vibrates and lights up when your hot drink is ready. Better than dreaming up weird and wonderful names in Starbucks that they write on the cups, then shout out to the rest of the cafe when the drinks are ready! So go and check it out...

  • RuislipMum

    19-Nov-2012 Report

    Excellent service. I went in for a tea and croissant (free with the special offer) with my one year old. The staff carried over my drinks and offered to bring over a high chair. They also brought over some toys and books for my daughter to play with - they have a little kids corner at the back of the shop. Lovely pastries and delicious looking sandwiches. Nice to have a local alternative to the tax-dodging coffee shops I'm trying to avoid. Only suggestion would be for a few 'healthier' foods for little ones - pieces of fruit or yoghurt maybe? Good place for local mums to meet - especially if you get one of the sofas by the window.

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