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Stratford Cleaners


Vital for the success of a given domestic service is the correct and adequate pricing along with quality results of course. Keeping the cleaning services affordable and accessible to as many customers as possible is the single most important aspect, which is achieved through efficiency and professional attitude toward the job. We at Stratford Cleaners use a number of policies to ensure that prices are reflective and adequate. First of all we train our cleaners to minimize water and material waste during cleaning appointments as the sensible and moderate usage of materials will yield relatively lower service price since there is less wastage to cover for.

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  • browler

    12-Dec-2013 Report

    They really are amazing and I plan on using her service indefinitely.

  • calcmagnezii

    25-Nov-2013 Report

    This are wonderful. They pay great attention to details like baseboards and door frames. The office personnel are friendly and responsive. This is an excellent company providing quality service. Thanks for taking such good care of my home.

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