Personal Trainer

Hillingdon wide

My Specialities:
1. Creating lean strong bodies (body fat loss)
2. Muscle building (increasing muscle mass)
3. Developing a stronger cardiovascular system (heart and lungs)

Mobile Gym Equipment:
1. Barbell
2. Dumbell Bars
3. Plates (Weights for Barbell & Dumbell Bars)
4. Reebok Step for Bench Work
5. Mat
6. Barbell Pad
7. First Aid Kit

In addition to losing body fat, weight training creates stronger muscles, strengthens your bones, ligaments + tendons; decreases risk of injury; reduces risk of diseases such as heart disease & diabetes, plus helps to prevent osteoporosis.

I am a Fitness Instructor in a Community gym, responsible for the Women only sessions and a Fitness Coach for Our Parks Ltd. PERSONAL TRAINING: 1:1 / group sessions - homes or parks or gym studios.

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