GB3 Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy


My name is Grayce and I am a Level 5 BTEC Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist.
There are several benefits of regular sports massages, both physical and psychological. Don't be fooled, a sports massage is not only for our athletes, but every single one of us! We all suffer from niggles, no matter how 'fit' we may be!
Whether its a lower back pain, post surgery rehabilitation, incorrect posture e.g. iPhones, picking up the kids, we can ALL benefit from a treatment. This type of massage should not be seen as an indulgence, but a necessity, in order to function optimally- and no, it won't hurt.

I make it clear to my clients that what I provide is a treatment, we work together to achieve a goal- this is not a relaxing, holistic 'spa' massage (although I strongly believe these are important too, well, for me anyway!)
I am also an Advanced Personal Trainer, so as well as massaging, I provide the corrective exercises to aid you recovery. .
So feel free to drop me an email, even if it's to ask a couple of questions, i'm happy to help- I am extremely proud of my profession, so only respond to sensible, professional requests.

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