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  • Home if you are local, Outdoor training ( common, ski slope), Uxbridge, UB8 1PX

  • traceyspooner1@hotmail.co.uk

  • £50.00 for 3 sessions within 1 week

I DARE YOU TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF!<br />I am a female personal trainer who trains clients outdoors in Uxbridge OR local home training The weather will be getting a lot nicer this is the perfect place to train and get results! <br />I am very professional and inspire my clients to really put 100% into what they are doing. You Will get results...treat yourself :) THIS IS THE YEAR FOR YOU!!GET the body you have always wanted to have, make peoples heads turn!!! <br /><br />Prices - <br />You MUST be local to Uxbridge - incl Harefield,Hillingdon, Ickenham,Denham etc.<br />3 days set within the course of one week - <br />3 sessions for &Acirc;&pound;50.00 <br /><br />This is NOT a one time offer it is to enable me to help YOU achieve your goals!<br /><br />Summer is coming, do not wait till its here :) I will challenge you, I will motivate you, I will inspire you.. <br />LETS GO !

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