Phil & Teds Sport - 2 Seat Pushchair


  • £225

  • 4-Jan-2014

  • All ages

The pushchair has won loads of awards and pretty much sells itself. I won't list all the technical details as they can be found on the Phil &amp; Teds website. Our kids are too big for it now so we're selling all our Phil &amp; Teds kit. The package includes:<br /><br />1x double kit (so you can carry either a toddler and newborn, or 2 toddlers)<br />1x cocoon (so you can carry a newborn flat)<br />1x transparent rain cover<br />1x mesh insect cover/sunshade<br />1x drink holder<br />1x spare wheel<br />2x pannier bags (which attach to the side so you can carry much more stuff)<br /><br />I've given it a really good scrub so you won't have to.<br /><br />Any questions please drop me a line.