LighterLife Uxbridge


I lost over five stone with LighterLife. It's great to be able to wear such a wide range of clothes and my cholesterol levels and blood pressure have dropped considerably.

I never get tired of helping my clients change their lives. At weekly group meetings I help them understand why they overeat and then help them build a more positive relationship with food. When they reach their goal I offer them the support they need to manage their new, healthier weight. With LighterLife, you really can say farewell to the frustration of yoyo dieting.

Don't struggle trying to lose weight alone. Contact me today and start getting the support you need to succeed.

Want to come and learn more about LighterLife, meet me and have an informal chat?
Every Sunday At 2:00PM, every Tuesday At 6:00 PM and every Monday At 12:15 PM

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