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Dynamic Home Cleaning

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Dynamic Home Cleaning relies on reputation and word of mouth, which is why our goal every time we take on an appointment is complete satisfaction. For this reason, we employ only the best in the cleaning field. Our cleaners are professionals with years of experience and knowledge about stains, mould and lime scale. Apart from the quality of our man labour, we have also invested in industry leading cleaning materials and equipment. These not only deliver a certified shine to every surface, but are environmentally safe.

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  • evielwrnc

    20-May-2016 Report

    They were polite and professional. They did a great job cleaning my kitchen. It is so clean, I was very happy with their work. And it was great to find a cleaning service that would do every kind of jobs. I would definitely contact them for any future cleaning needs in my home.

  • zaklinely2562zl

    16-Dec-2014 Report

    Excellent Cleaning Company!!! With a very large crew of outstanding cleaners with whom they work very closely with the customer service is fantastic. Their longevity in the cleaning industry shows you they know what they are doing, they know how to give great customer service and know how to hire the best!

  • nancyrickson

    29-Apr-2014 Report

    They were so thorough that they even left a list of items that they just couldn't get clean (which weren't many). A great experience.

  • clairehbartlett

    14-Apr-2014 Report

    So happy with their cleaning job. I will definitely call again. They cleaned my grandmothers house who has alzheimers and they were 100 percent honest and even gave her a discount.

  • marleenawdonald

    02-Apr-2014 Report

    Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job and such short notice!!

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