ESSENTRICS workout. Unlock you body.


New to The UK: Every Wednesday from 12.00pm to 1pm.

ESSENTRICS is a dynamic strength and stretch workout for all fitness levels that tones, shapes and rebalances the entire body.

Perfect for men and women of all fitness levels, this programme rebalances the body, prevents and treats injuries and unlocks tight joints. With a diverse music playlist accompanying each routine, this equipment free workout leaves you feeling energised, youthful and healthy.

The BENEFITS of Essentrics:

- Creates lean, strong muscles
- Improves posture
- Works all 650 muscles for a full body workout
- Strengthens the spine and core
- Increases flexibility and mobility
- Helps relieve pain
- Supports injury prevention

Email me on to reserve your place. Places are limited. Booking is essential. Mobile: 0751 838 7621

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