Body By Lizzie Davis


I lost over three stone around 4 years ago. I used to be a large size 16 and now I am a size 10 and feel energised, more confident and have a real love for life!

What do I do now? What is my passion?

Helping others do the same, feel fantastic and keep the weight off.

Forget the "diet" clubs (they make me cross!) Forget the word "diet". I am all about a lifestyle. This is for the long term.

A lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable, has numerous benefits, helps you to feel the best you can be. To wake up and feel a zing and zest for life because your energy levels are renewed, you have the body you want and you feel great!

New Mums - You are welcome to bring your baby with you if you come to train at my studio. I am also a fan (as are many of my friends & clients) of Like Minders who can provide a brilliant child minding service, even for an hour.

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