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Self Storage Chiswick Ltd.


Having your own mobile storage unit can help you greatly and we can provide everything you need, when it comes to mobile self storage in Chiswick. Whether it's to free up space, get items out of the way or keeping things safe, then we can help with our self storage in Chiswick.Home storage in Chiswick, W4 is an invaluable service that we prove. Self Storage Chiswick Ltd. offers secure mobile storage units that you can use to get things out of the way, make some space and more.Do not hesitate to call us on 020 37443605 or visit our website at www.selfstoragechiswick.org.uk

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  • arnoldlee

    31-Aug-2016 Report

    The mobile storage unit I hired from Self Storage Chiswick Ltd. was like a godsend. Being able to store goods on site overnight and without any worry of them being stolen has made the job much easier. I think I'll be using this firm for every job from now on.

  • PaulineDrake

    14-Aug-2015 Report

    I used this company to store my furniture whilst I worked away. The prices were great for long term storage and when I finally retrieved my furniture it was in perfect condition and totally unharmed by their 11 month stay. I would highly recommend Self Storage Chiswick Ltd. for value for money storage.

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