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That Place On the Corner


Your Front Room Just got Bigger....

We wanted a place where the children could be children and that's why you won't find any unaccompanied adults here.

We wanted a place where the children ate well, that's why all of our ingredients are locally sourced, then freshly prepared to order… no pre-packaged foods here, the only thing in our freezer is the ice cream.

We wanted a place where the children could play in a safe and stimulating environment… that's why you won't find any plastic toys in our space, but plenty of dressing up and books to encourage creative play.

We wanted a place that was as welcoming for the adults as it was for the children. That's why there are no garish primary colours or easy-clean formica surfaces.

We have thought of everything from bibs and bottle warmers to homemade babyblend and mini-portions for under twos.


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  • blackcrayon

    14-Jan-2014 Report

    This is such a great idea, and the coffee is good etc but I and lots of mums I know, don't go here because some of the toys are so busted they're dangerous looking (metal spikes sticking out of a broken chime toy for example), and the nappy change is rank. It's such a shame, because it's a much needed resource, a fab idea, which needs better execution, and then it would be overrun with us fussy mums.

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