Rainbow Cubs Daycare and Development


Child development for that helpful start in life. <br /><br />What makes us Special?<br /><br />DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS<br /><br />Rainbow Cubs has &lsquo;soft targets' in place, tailored to your child's needs. We aim to develop your child whilst providing proper care in a beautiful environment.<br /><br />PARTNERSHIP, NOT LIMITED<br /><br />All our staff are partners at Rainbow Cubs. We believe this results in better, more human service than any other day-care providers in the country.<br /><br />SMALL COMPANY, BIG HEART<br /><br />We love what we do and we really care about giving the next generation a great big colourful head-start to their lives.<br /><br />OUR PROMISE<br /><br />We simply promise we will do our best for every Rainbow Cub. Cross our hearts.

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