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Cleaners Palmers Green Ltd.


The cleaning services, delivered by the company are said to be efficient and hassle free. The company is commonly associated with loyalty, high quality and affordability. It is successful and popular in all London areas for a reason. Get in touch with the cooperative call centre representatives and schedule a service that best fits your needs and preferences.

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  • chrissjameson

    15-Jan-2015 Report

    Last month I needed a very urgent cleaning of my entire apartment, as a few friends of mine had called to stay they were coming to visit us. It was Saturday morning and they would come in the evening, but I had a bunch of errands to run that day and I wouldn't have made it to clean and tidy the house. I knew I could count on this agency. I once used them for my regular cleaning service and was contented with them, I just figured I didn't need them any longer after a period of time, as I wasn't that busy anymore and could do the housekeeping by myself. Anyway, I called in their cleaners, but I couldn't watch them because, as I said I was in town running errands. I only had to go back home by the time they finished cleaning to make the payment. The house was simply immaculate! No clutter and no dust. And considering that I had called them on such short notice! I was so relieved! I'm telling you, this company is great!

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