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Cleaners Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park

Whatever your requirement, you can see this local cleaning company can meet it. We take pride in cleaning the homes and offices of Finsbury Park residents, and you will see when you call us to speak to one of our customer service representatives that we really are passionate about what we do. A quality service at a very competitive price, so give us a call to discuss your cleaning today. By hiring us you will be amazed at just how much life can be injected into those shabby looking floors, bringing your rooms back to life.

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  • gwenrogerss

    08-Sep-2016 Report

    With a busy schedule and kids to take care of, my house cleaning was falling by the wayside - my home was an embarrassment! When a friend told me about Cleaners Finsburypark I was quick to contact them and was given lots of advice in choosing the right service from their many options. The friendly staff member booked me a one-off service that was surprisingly affordable and I enjoyed it so much! I get my home regularly cleaned by this company and it's made my life so much easier. I have more free time and guests are welcome whenever. Thanks!

  • KerryLopez

    06-Jul-2015 Report

    A few months I had a car accident and it left me with a damaged leg, so now I can't really do a lot – including cleaning. It's so frustrating to me because I have always been a cleaner at heart. I love keeping my beautiful house clean and felt nobody could do a better job of it than I. Then I found Cleaners Finsburypark and they are fantastic. I called them up and explained my situation and they completely understood and reassured me the cleaning team would help no end and indeed, they sure did! I'm so happy with their services. Brilliant company.

  • RebeccaRivera

    14-May-2015 Report

    I had three children, 2 dogs and a cat so you can guess that the carpets were looking a little less than clean with all of the wear and tear of everyday life. My sister recommended Cleaners Finsburypark for trusted carpets clean so I called and made arrangements. They were easy to deal with and were soon out assessing the situation. I was given advice and a quote and decided to book as I was extremely happy with the cost. The workers arrived with tools and began covering up some furniture then started the cleaning process. The work was effective and the outcome was brilliant the results were fantastic.

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