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Clean Carpets Ltd.

Central London

There are some people who never clean their carpets. They simply replace
them after a few years and then do the again a few years after. That's fair
enough – after all, it is their carpet and therefore their choice. However,
there are a few reasons why carpets should be cleaned, which people often
ignore or neglect. However, we at Clean Carpets know these reasons, which
is why we have the perfect services to clean your carpets. If you would
like an instant quote, or just wish to know more about these services, give
us a call right away on 020 3397 8287 and speak to one of our dedicated,
friendly, professional members of staff who will be able to assist you with
all your needs and enquiries.

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  • berniceallen

    23-Aug-2016 Report

    My bathroom was caked in limescale and my kitchen covered in grease and food splatters - typical student rented accommodation. I was approaching the end of the semester when my flat mates and I decided something had to be done, as we were due to pack up and move out at the end of the exam period. Clean Carpets Ltd. came to the rescue and were generally a great pleasure to deal with. They were understanding of our predicament, didn't judge and worked quietly being respectful of the fact that we had to revise.

  • MarkTaylorr

    10-May-2016 Report

    I was very unhappy with my office cleaning company and wanted to find someone knew who'd deliver good results. I kept hearing about Clean Carpets Ltd. and decided to book a one-off clean to see how it went. The cleaner was much friendlier and did a much better job than my old company and I was quick to book more sessions! I couldn't be more pleased with the service and would recommend it over any other!

  • PhilJolly

    24-Feb-2016 Report

    Since time is my most precious resource, I cannot spend much of it in cleaning. That is when I like to call on Clean Carpets Ltd.. The quality of service provided by their home cleaners is quite high and I am always pleased by it. I have had them clean every room of my apartment from top to bottom in minimal time. The speed and quality of their work are unrivaled. Still, I know that they are always looking to improve and this gives me reason enough to always entrust them with the task of cleaning.

  • SherryGoodwin

    28-Sep-2015 Report

    The cleaners that got to work on my house the other week were nothing short of amazing. Cleaners Carpet Cleaning and their cleaners are great in terms of quality and their conduct was brilliant, even when having to work around my dogs and two young children. They knew what to do to get the job done and did so to a very high standard. I couldn't find any faults with their work if I tried and have absolutely no complaints considering the quality of service.

  • JamesLewis

    16-Jun-2015 Report

    I was so impressed with the service of Cleaners Carpet Cleaning. The cleaners did a deep clean on my home after I had been away working. The work was done to high standard and using all toxic free detergents so I could rest assured there would be no harmful pollutants left in the air as I suffered from asthma. The service was exceptional and the place looked lovely and clean when the cleaners had finished. I will certainly continue to use this great company in the future!

  • JoelMorris

    16-Apr-2015 Report

    Cleaners Carpet Cleaning were just brilliant! They worked quickly and efficiently in cleaning up all the mess from my house and even did some extra cleaning when they finished ahead of schedule. An absolutely brilliant service and a really nice and friendly team of cleaners; I'll most certainly be using their cleaning services again in the future!

  • CeliaPerez

    07-Apr-2015 Report

    I am the proud owner of a rare book collection from my travels around the world. This is my most prized possession so cleaning it needs to be done just right. When I go away for two months each year, I like to have a cleaner come in and keep everything tidy. I've been using the services of Cleaners Carpet Cleaning for years and find them very trustworthy and reliable. I always explain my situation and they are very understanding and take care with everything in my home. I have a lot of trust in them to send the right cleaner to my house and treat my books with care.

  • ElisaKlein

    31-Mar-2015 Report

    I was so glad I chose Cleaners Carpet Cleaning to carry out all my cleaning jobs. Their cleaning staff were industrious, and diligent to my needs. Their attention to detail was exemplary and they made my house look a million times better when they were done. I really don't know what I would have done without them and am really grateful to everyone involved. I definitely recommend them for all your cleaning requirements!

  • MiltonTorres

    27-Feb-2015 Report

    A few of my neighbours were using cleaners so I decided to try it out too. I asked them which company to use and based on their recommendations, I called Cleaners Carpet Cleaning. There was a good reason as to why my neighbours were using them - they are absolutely brilliant! The staff are very friendly which always brightens up the day and they do a splendid job of getting my house clean. Can't recommend them enough! Thank you!

  • Butlerf

    10-Feb-2015 Report

    I was amazed by the transformation Cleaners Carpet Cleaning had made to my carpets in my house. It was rental property and the carpet had accumulated a lot of stains. I was very worried that I would lose my bond. I decided to use these guys who cleaned the carpets better than I could ever have imagined. Not only were they friendly and professional, they were very well-priced. They did a better job than any other cleaning company I've seen so far.

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