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Sofa Cleaners Ltd

Central London

For all your cleaning needs you can contact our creditable company. We have dedicated cleaners who work hard to meet your expectations. We can remove the oldest stains from any furniture and leave the fabric undamaged and bring back the colors to life. Just call us and you will see how in no time your sofa will look like new. Visit www.sofacleaners.org.uk or dial 02033979082 to get a free quote.

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  • JacobNewman

    26-Jul-2016 Report

    Oven Cleaners Ltd. were brilliant. The cleaning was carried out to an incredibly high standard and they left those hard to tackle areas - my kitchen and bathroom - gleaming and looking like they had never been used. My landlord was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of the apartment and had no hesitation in returning my deposit to me.

  • janegrant

    24-Feb-2016 Report

    I held a party at home and noticed that someone had spilled a large glass of red wine. Fortunately, the carpet cleaning service of Oven Cleaners Ltd. came up and I decided to give it a call. By then I thought that there was nothing to do to save my carpets, but these guys proved me wrong. The carpet cleaning service that a cleaner came to perform was more than enough to rid my carpet of the stain and return it to normal. Now I know who to call in case of such emergencies.

  • SidneyRoberts

    28-Sep-2015 Report

    I love Sofa Cleaners and their cleaners because they always seem to listen to exactly what I need. I never have to worry about what their cleaners are up to, because the results are always fantastic. Most recently I hired them to clean my kitchen: they made the sink and worktops gleam and sparkle, sanitised the food preparation areas and kitchen appliances and just did an all round brilliant job.

  • NelsonSmith

    17-Jun-2015 Report

    I was a property manager and needed a reliable company to do the end of tenancy cleaning from time to time. Sofa Cleaners did a super job and at a good cost. The cleaners were fast and used the best products when cleaning the place. The standards were excellent.

  • PennyGlover

    16-Apr-2015 Report

    Cleaning is one of those essential jobs that must be tackled in every house at some point, yet it is one job that I keep putting off. No matter what's going on, I always find an excuse to leave house cleaning for another date, yet I still never seem to get round to it. Sofa Cleaners and their team offered me a perfect solution. They provided me with a first class cleaning service that was also very affordable, so I was able to get my house cleaned without breaking the bank. Thanks to everyone involved!

  • SadieFox

    07-Apr-2015 Report

    Me and my husband were very impressed the moment we got in touch with Sofa Cleaners. Their team of cleaners were extraordinary in the way they went about their work. The outcome was terrific and far better than what we was expecting, so would like to thank everyone for all their help.

  • RonaldLee

    31-Mar-2015 Report

    When I was cleaning my house, I noticed that some of my upholstery was looking a bit dishevelled and a bit worse for wear. I wanted to give it a spruce up but had no idea what to do or how to start. I certainly didn't want to take a punt on some internet cleaning method and risk permanently damaging it. So I called in the professionals at Sofa Cleaners. They knew just what to do and sorted out my upholstery in no time at all, giving it the new lease of life that I was after.

  • SergioCollins

    27-Feb-2015 Report

    I decided to hire Sofa Cleaners after really struggling to keep my house tidy with my bad back. It was difficult to reach the high corners or bend down to pick things up. Yet now I can stay rested as these guys do it for me and they do such a brilliant job! I'm so happy that my house it looking fresh and clean on a weekly basis now. They are clearly very skilled and so friendly! Highly recommend!

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